EPA Razorhawks teams support players of all genders from 5 to 18 years old and from Kindergarten to 12th grade:

  • U8: Our under-8 team plays flag rugby and focuses on fundamental skills like catching, passing, and running with the ball. A primary goal is to help players fall in love with rugby and appreciate the camaraderie of a team. Games aim for eight players per side (but often play with as few as five per side), and coaches frequently stay on the field to guide their players.

  • U10: In under-10, we introduce more elements of rugby like kicking, tackling, rucking, and uncontested scrums. We help each player learn to tackle and be tackled safely. Games call for ten players per side: three forwards and seven backs.

  • U12: Under-12 teams begin to develop the forwards game with contested lineouts (no lifting) and five-player scrums (still uncontested).

  • MS: Middle-school teams experience essentially the same laws as adult rugby: fifteen players per side, contested scrums, and lifting in lineouts.

  • JV: Our JV side begin HS rugby: after years of learning and training, these players are ready to play real rugby at a high level!

  • Varsity: Our players get to apply all their skills and talent competing with the best of the best in the greater Bay Area and beyond, possibly forging a path to playing in college.

How do players get assigned to teams?

Placement is determined by a player's age on September 1st (prior to the start of the season): e.g., a player who turns 8 on or before September 1st and a player who turns 10 after September 1st will both will be on the U10 team for the upcoming season. A player who is at least 12 by September 1st and in middle school will be on the MS team for that season.

What if my player is too small or inexperienced for a particular team?

We can petition Rugby NorCal for waivers to ensure that all players are in the age division that is safest for them and their peers; and in U10 and U12, players are categorized by weight as "light" or "open" to ensure safe match-ups.