Coaches and Referees

RazorHawks Rugby is proud of our highly experienced, dedicated and passionate coaching and referee team. With deep experience playing and coaching junior and adult rugby, our team has the skills and expertise to ensure kids learn the fundamentals and enjoyment of rugby in a safe and professional manner.

We are always looking for new coaches and refs, so if you have played rugby and want to try your hand at coaching or becoming a ref, please contact us at We will show you the ropes and refund the cost of appropriate training courses and USA Rugby certification.

Bryan Murphy

Bryan is our Club President and has coached for the RazorHawks since 2011. He grew up in Dublin, Ireland, and started playing at the age of 7. Bryan had an early taste of success on the pitch when his high-school team defeated many larger schools' teams to win the Leinster Schools Cup. He went on to represent the University of Limerick and then returned to Dublin to play for Greystones RFC for a few years before moving to the US. Bryan's final playing years were with the Palo Alto XO's. Bryan is happy that his two sons play RazorHawks rugby, where they can develop life skills through the dynamics of the game: strength, toughness, strategy, fitness, and above all team bonding. Bryan would love to see some of our kids learn to play an open expansive game such as we witnessed in the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

Rob Peterson

Rob Peterson is a Bay Area native who grew up playing soccer and basketball before discovering rugby in college. Rob quickly realized that this game that lets you move the ball with both hands and feet is far superior to anything else he'd played, and he's been in love with rugby ever since. Rob's playing career has included stints with representative sides like the Pacific Coast Grizzlies and with top-tier clubs like OMBAC.

Semisi Siu

Semisi started playing rugby as a 7-year-old back in the days of barefoot rugby in the grassy suburbs of Auckland, New Zealand. Semisi was very skinny, be he was speedy enough to play winger (first in rugby union, then in rugby league) through high school—and then cousin Jonah Lomu changed the whole notion of a winger with speed and size. Semisi came to the US in 1995 and played some pick-up games; these days he limits himself to touch rugby at family gatherings. Semisi's son Santiago learned to love the game from these gatherings, and he has played with Peninsula Youth Rugby since 2012, learning rugby's distinctive ethos of battle, camaraderie, and respect. Semisi is a personal trainer and fitness coach, and his Strength & Conditioning work with our teams has given them a measurable edge. Mate ma'a RazorHawks!

Dylan Arena

Dylan is the RazorHawks webmaster and registar. He discovered rugby as a Stanford undergrad and spent ten years as a mediocre but enthusiastic player (mostly fullback/center, with cameos at flanker), both at Stanford and with local men's club the San Jose Seahawks (specifically their summer sevens team). Dylan also served as an assistant coach for Stanford Men's Rugby for five years while pursuing his doctorate in the Graduate School of Education. Dylan first coached the RazorHawks U8 side in 2014 and relies on game-based learning techniques to lead playful training sessions that focus on establishing basic skills and a love for the game.